Turn Ashes Into Diamonds

What follows is a brief overview of the process of turning ashes into diamonds. The process was demonstrated in 1999 and to the public in 2002. Since then, creating diamonds from cremated ashes has become an accepted and increasingly popular practice worldwide and considered by many to be the most prestigious, everlasting way of memorialiing a loved one.

The Process Of Turning Ashes Into Diamonds

To begin with, it is important to understand that diamonds created from ashes are “real” diamonds. They have the exact same brilliance, luster, and fire as diamonds mined from beneath millions of pounds of earth. In order to be¬†classified¬†as a diamond, it has to be the hardest substance known on the earth and register as a 10 on the mohs scale, which diamonds made from cremation ashes do.

Humans and diamonds are essentially carbon, thus creating a diamond from the ashes of a loved one involves turning the ashes into pure carbon. Then it is simply a matter of applying massive amounts of pressure and heat to crystallise the carbon into diamond.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) recognizes diamonds created from ashes as diamonds, of course synthetic diamonds, which is exactly the point of diamonds created from ashes anyway.

Perfected over the last ten years, created diamonds are now beautiful and of a very high quality – typically ranging from SI to VVS. They are available in colorless, blue, yellow, red, and green.


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